Our Bed Bug Elimination Always Works,
Lasts and Provides Better Value!
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  • - We offer K9 bed bug inspections for accurate detection
  • - Bed bug fumigations for quick remediation
A Real 1 Year Bed Bug Free Guarantee!How do you know if the bed bugs are and will stay gone
past a short 1 month warranty? Our method provides for a
quick and successful eliminaton and a long term soluton
with a 1 year unconditional warranty!
The Strategy Based Bed Bug Elimination
We developed this approach because it will absolutely
eliminate all bed bugs in your home quickly and
comfortably and, more importantly, keep them away. It is
amazingly simple and completely logical. It was conceived
to be able to offer an unconditional long term warranty!


How can you know for sure that the Bed Bugs will be eliminated and stay gone past a short 30-90 day warranty? What if the company says you violated one of their warranty conditions? Our method delivers a quick and decisive elimination, with a Full 1 YEAR UNCONDITIONAL GUARANTEE!  Read more...


Unlike other treatments, our strategy based solution requires little preparation, and virtually no disruption to your life. If you want to torture yourself unnecessarily and spend even more $$, call another company. With a Rest Assured Bed Bug Specialist, there is no moving fish tanks, plants, pets, electronics,... Read more...


Bed bugs are blood sucking insects in the Cimicidae family. C. lectularius is the most common species in California and strongly prefers humans to other mammals. Nymphs and adults feed on sedentary or sleeping humans, mostly at night when this pest’s stealthy habits are hard to monitor. Read more...

Who Can You Trust To Rid You Of Bed Bugs?

Rest Assured Pest Control has many competitors in the bed bug exterminating service, most of which seem to lack empathy for those having to deal with a bed bug infestation. Due to their lack of understanding how to properly treat bed bugs and their desire to capitalize on the resurgence of this nasty pest, they charge exorbitant fees, offer little to no warranty that is full of conditions, and put their customers through a litany of unnecessary tasks and expenses. This includes throwing mattresses and furniture away, requiring you to move out of the home with all plants, fish, birds, pets, cosmetics, flammable liquids, electronics, laminated furniture, artwork, firearms/ammunition, and the list goes on. Some treatment methods require moving out for 2 nights with the added expense of meals and lodging.

Rest Assured’s Bed Bug Removal Specialist receive calls every week from people who have been battling bed bugs for months, and have paid thousands of dollars for multiple treatments to other pest control companies, only to find that they still have the blood sucking pest, with no warranty and no recourse. We never want one of our customers to ever pay for bed bug extermination twice!

CALL Rest Assured Pest Control today and you will get:

  • The least amount of occupant work, prep and overall cost.
  • SLEEP BED BUG BITE FREE TONIGHT at the fairest price in Southern California.
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"Rest Assured Pest Control was professional, focused, and a true problem solver. They arrived at my home, and worked straight through for a solid 8 hours. Along the way, they took the time to educate and be empathetic to our experience. I would recommend their service to anyone who is in need."

- Joyce A.

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