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What do you do when you have a problem with bed bugs? First, don't be too hard on yourself. The truth is that a bed bug infestation can arise from a variety of sources, and doesn’t have anything to do with your level of cleanliness. For example, you could get bed bugs by visiting a hotel, shopping center or someone's house.

It depends on the circumstances, but there are plenty of reasons that you can wind up with bed bugs. It’s what you do about your bed bug infestation that really makes the difference. Rest Assured Pest Control offers Los Angeles bed bug extermination services that get rid of your infestation -- and we have a 1-year warranty to back up our work!

Why Hire the Professionals?

Occasionally, people attempt to take on the task of bed bug removal themselves, but you can actually make the problem worse through incorrect practices. A true professional will understand what it takes to exterminate the bed bugs and get rid of them so that they don't come back.

When you hire a professional like Rest Assured, some of the benefits that you receive include:

  • Expert extermination skills
  • A strategy-based approach to bed bug control and extermination
  • Correct application of safe pesticides

Why Can't I Feel Being Bitten?

Bed bugs employ a natural anesthetic, which is why many people talk about how they didn't even feel being bitten. The bed bug's saliva has a range of components, which is why they can bite you without disturbing you.

Shattering Bed Bug Myths

People mistake bed bugs for only inhabiting dirty rooms, but in fact, they don't seem to have a preference for how clean a room is. They care more about having a nearby food source that they can suck the blood from.

Once you know your home is infested with bed bugs, you must act fast: Bed bugs can lay five eggs every day, and the average female will produce 500 eggs in a lifetime. If you don't act quickly, they spread like wildfire and are more difficult to get rid of.

Fighting Back with Insecticides

It is never recommended to take on these bugs by yourself because of how they have built up a resistance to insecticides that helps them to survive. This fact has led to a resurgence in the number of bed bugs that we see today. This is another reason that it is recommended you hire someone to combat the bed bugs, rather than trying to take them on yourself.

But the company you hire also plays a role in how effectively you deal with your bed bug problem -- and whether you get results for the money you spend. Some bed bug treatments can be exorbitantly expensive, but still allow bed bugs back into your home soon afterwards. That’s why Rest Assured’s strategic methods of bed bug removal and 1-year warranty are so attractive for Los Angeles residents.

Growing Problem in the Developed World

Over 30 years ago, bed bugs were more of a peculiarity than a real problem. Beginning in the 2000s, however, bed bugs have become much more of a problem in countries like Canada, the United Kingdom, the United States and throughout the continent of Europe. The possible reasons for this is that bed bugs have evolved so that they resist common insecticides, which has led to their reemergence.

Your Los Angeles Bed Bug Control Specialists

When you choose us as your bed bug pest control company, we will send the best team of exterminators to handle the job. We have a team of highly trained professional exterminators who specialize in bed bug removal.

Rather than use methods such as heat treatments and tent fumigation that can require you to remove your family, your pets, and heat-sensitive electronics and furnishings from your home, our team of bed bug exterminators has developed much less intrusive ways of treating bed bug infestations in Los Angeles. Life is hard enough when you have bed bugs -- we don’t want to make it worse with treatments that require a lot of upfront work from the homeowner!

If you have bed bugs, you need to act quickly, because the problem will grow out of control fast if left to its own devices. Our professional bed bug pest control company has all the right equipment, pesticides and know-how to handle the problem so that it never grows out of control. Contact us today for a quote on our Los Angeles bed bug removal services.

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