The Strategy Based Bed Bug Extermination. (Our preferred approach).

Rest Assured’s Bed Bug Specialist employ a Strategy Based elimination. By educating ourselves about the nature of the bug, being committed to our customers’ long term success, and applying the lessons learned from experience, we have earned a proven solution that we can confidently offer a 1 Year Unconditional Guaranty. The added benefit to the home owner is less preparation and a very competitive price. In short we take the whole living, and environmental situation into account and then apply the proper strategy and safe application of pesticides. The home owner is educated about the obstacles that their home, furniture and living situation presents and are then armed with simple steps and practices to guarantee a successful, long term eradication, when you combine pesticides that are 100% effective, with the correct strategy

There are many pest control companies that are misinforming the public about effective bed bug treatments. One misconception being parroted by fumigation, heat solutions and even general pest control companies who haven’t mastered a process, is that pesticides are ineffective at eliminating bed bugs. In reality there are safe pesticides that are 100 percent effective on bed bugs and will last long enough to secure complete control with a single treatment. When combined with an intelligent strategy this process is FAR less disruptive to your life. Our team members have been successfully eliminating bed bugs, since their resurgence in 2009 and providing 1 Year Unconditional Warranties.

Heat Treatment

Heat Treatments are based on the simple fact that bed bugs cannot endure high temperatures. At first look this would seem like a no-brainer, but after careful consideration it has a number of draw backs. The first draw back is a high failure rate and typically short warranties(You will probably be asked to sign a damage waver). Infested items are often carried outside of the home to protect from heat damage, but are then reintroduced afterward. Also there is no residual value to a heat treatment, so if even one pregnant female is carried into your home, or the heat treatment missed it, you will soon have thousands of her offspring to deal with, AGAIN. One in five homes have been visited by bed bugs, so the chance of your home being re-exposed is high. The second problem is extensive preparation list. Heat preparation involves removing ALL heat sensitive items from your home, including: pets, plants, fish tanks, candles, cosmetics, flammables, electronics, mini blind, etc, etc. By the time you’ve pulled everything all out, stored it in a safe place and set it all back up in your home, you will feel like you just moved. If you’re to have any hope of a long term elimination, the proper strategy and pesticide treatment should be applied. Finally, heat treatment equipment is expensive, and the process requires more billable labor; this added expense must be passed on to you. There are very few situations for the homeowner where heat is the right answer.

Tent Fumigation.

Tent Fumigation is very effective at eliminating Bed Bugs, but there are some drawbacks. First, there is no residual effect to a fumigation(typically short warranty), so if a Bed Bug were reintroduced back in the home even an hour later, it could start re-infesting your home. So a Strategy Based Pesticide application is highly recommended to protect against future bed bug exposure. The second drawback is that every living thing must be removed from the home for 3 days and 2 nights; again a lot of work. Finally Tent Fumigation is very expensive, especially when you add to that the cost of a hotel and meals, and the added expense of properly protecting the home against future exposure.

Common Pesticide Methodologies.

Many pest control companies are attempting to treat Bed Bugs, and just as many have given up and just refer potential customers to a proven Bed Bug Specialist. This failure is usually a combination of wrong product, wrong application, and an inferior strategy, because they don’t understand the nature of the bug being treated. Since there is no strategy for success, the home owner can’t be part of the solution. An incompetent pest control company’s lack of confidence in their solution will be compensated for by extra needless preparation on your part(this can include washing ALL clothes and curtains in the home, and throwing beds and furniture away), multiple treatments and added expense. Rest Assured’s Bed Bug Specialist will take the whole living, and environmental situation into account, and then apply the proper strategy. The home owner is educated about the obstacles that their home, furniture and living situation presents and are then armed with simple steps and practices to guarantee a successful, long term eradication. Our confidence in this proven strategy provides you with the best value for your dollar and a 1 Year Unconditional Guarantee.

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