Rest Assured Pest Control is a full service General Pest Control Company that specializes in Permanent Bed Bug Extermination. Rest Assured was started by Bill Stewart, Quinn Person, Robert Carlson and Joseph Castaneda. Rest Assured’s leadership team has over 33 years of combined experience in general pest control. Our methods are highly effective, utilizing Integrated Pest Management (IPM) solutions that strive to eliminate the risk of pesticide exposure to yourself, your family and your pets. Whether it Bites, Sucks, Stings, or Chews, Rest Assured Pest Control safely has you covered.

How we decided to specialize in Bed Bug Elimination

After seeing the poor warranty, service and solutions provided by most of our competitors, it was time to take action. Many pest control companies do a fair job with rodent removal/exclusion, ants and even cockroaches, but very few have made the investment of education, time and commitment to the customer to successfully treat bed bugs. Bed Bugs have made a resurgence in the past 4-5 years, due in part to a resistance to Pyrethroids. Because of this resistance and the abundance of ineffective pesticides sold in hardware stores these bugs are being self-treated without success and thus they are easily spread around. Current figures estimate that 1 in 5 homes have been infested by this stubborn pest and Southern California is one of the worst areas in the United States.

Rest Assured’s Bed Bug Removal Team has successfully treated thousands of homes, apartments, hotel rooms and assisted living facilities, and has stood behind their 1 Year Unconditional Guarantee, EVERY TIME! Our Bed Bug unit will have you sleeping “bite free” tonight. Our goal is to charge a fair price and eliminate your Bed Bugs forever; not make you a repeat Bed Bug customer. We also offer service solutions that provide a lifetime Bed Bug Guarantee. Rest Assured will also equip you with the knowledge of how to make your home inhospitable to Bed Bugs. With your new knowledge and personalized strategy, combined with our proven solution and products, you can Rest Assured that you will remain bed bug free forever.

**Don’t Risk Your Peace of Mind, on an inferior warranty full of conditions

**Don’t Risk Your Hard Earned Money on exorbitant prices charged by competitors

**Don’t Waste Your TIME On Needless Preparation prescribed by ignorance.

Call the BED BUG Experts Today and REST ASSURED your pest problems are HISTORY!

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"Rest Assured Pest Control was professional, focused, and a true problem solver. They arrived at my home, and worked straight through for a solid 8 hours. Along the way, they took the time to educate and be empathetic to our experience. I would recommend their service to anyone who is in need."

- Joyce A.

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