Riverside Bed Bug Extermination

When looking for the most effective way to control bed bugs, you shouldn't use products that have been custom formulated or homemade. Home remedies often stain and damage your furnishings and can destroy your vacuum. Our goal is to reach you before you make mistakes that is both costly of your money and a waste of your time. Often people will throw out perfectly good furniture, that we would have saved and wasted countless hours trying to self- treat the infested areas, only to find that their labors were ineffective.

You need a bed bug company that understands how to deal with these pests. The most effective way to control bed bugs in the home is through professionals who exclusively treat bed bugs and have a one year warranty. Rest Assured Pest Control is the only known company in southern California that only treats for bed bugs and has a one-year warranty. All other companies are not expert bed bug exterminators, in that they also focus on rodents, roaches, ants, and spiders just to name a few.

Proven Bed Bug Extermination Techniques that Do the Job Right the First Time

Sadly, many of our customers find out the hard way that other companies have short or no warranties that fail to get rid of the bed bugs. Thankfully our pricing is very competitive with the non-experts, but you can rest assured that you will only have to pay us once to be rid of bed bugs for good.

Give us a call and we’ll happily answer your bed bug questions and go into greater detail about your bed bug treatment options. After consulting with Rest Assured Pest Control, you will be able to make an informed decision of what bed bug treatment method is right for you.

In working with our business, you can rest assured that you have access to a team of knowledgeable and understanding professionals who will work tirelessly to rid your home of bed bugs. This means that our customers will receive the best in services, education and warranty. They can feel confident that they have someone who will handle the problem with the least amount of hassle possible. Getting rid of bed bugs is never fun or easy, but we make bed bug extermination as painless as possible.

Bed bugs can be an embarrassing problem, but in truth, it can happen to anyone. For example, a visit to the wrong public transportation, wrong hotel, wrong home or wrong garage sale can bring bed bugs into the home. Once they have established a habitat, they will come out in the night to feed.

We serve the greater Riverside community and all surrounding areas. One of our favorite things about Riverside is the plant museum where you can see over 3,500 plants from around the globe. If you're in the area, we invite you to see and study some of the plants inside the museum. You never know what you might see.

What Can You Do to Avoid getting Bed Bugs?

Even after the exterminator has eradicated bed bugs from your home, you need to take precautions to keep them from coming back. For example, don’t buy used furniture or clothing items. If you have co-workers, friends or family that have bed bugs, we’ll give you steps that you can take to prevent from getting them again. Most companies don’t take 2 minutes to help you understand the risk and how to prevent from getting them again. There are certain occupations and life situations that make you a higher risk. We’ll address those head-on, so you can have a plan of practical steps, to keep you bed bug free. Our goal is to properly educate you so that you never get bed bugs again.

The Rest Assured Approach

There are many methods that pest control companies use to treat for bed bugs. Some of the main treatment methods are: spray treatment, heat, fumigation/tenting, freezing, steaming and fogging. Some methods are ineffective, overly expensive and have short warranties. Some bed bug treatment methods are a complete waste of your time and money.

We’ll fully explain to you what methods we use and why. We’ll also tell you why some methods are such a poor choice, especially for your particular situation. What we have found is that the companies using many of the latest experimental methods have the worst track record for getting rid of bed bug infestations. The reason why they try the latest “state of the art” methods is because they aren’t currently effective at treating for bed bugs.

Rest Assured Pest Control uses a strategy-based approach and time-proven methods for complete bed bug eradication. It often only takes one treatment to rid your home of bed bugs, with minimal disruption to your life. Contact us today about our warrantied bed bug control service in Riverside, CA!

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"Rest Assured Pest Control was professional, focused, and a true problem solver. They arrived at my home, and worked straight through for a solid 8 hours. Along the way, they took the time to educate and be empathetic to our experience. I would recommend their service to anyone who is in need."

- Joyce A.

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