We see it all too often. A company provides a bed bug service for 1500, 2500 dollars or more. Months later you still have bed bugs and the warranty is expired, or even more frustrating is voided over some condition of their warranty. You are out the money, spent a ton of energy on their required preparation, and still have the anguish of dealing with bed bugs. Why pay any company a large sum of money to give you a short warranty, that will gladly take your money again for round two, and then HOPE they are more successful the second or third time? If a company was confident of the effectiveness of their solution, they would provide a longer warranty, with no conditions, at a lower price. But since they aren’t able to consistently eliminate the pest, they hedge their bets by providing a short, condition riddled guaranty at in inflated price. One of the silly conditions that we have heard of, “You reintroduced the bed bugs in your house”, whether it be through a house guest, picking them up again while traveling, at the movie theater, bringing in a piece of furniture that has bed bugs, library books or an adjoining wall to your neighbor. Obviously there are numerous ways that companies get out of their warranty, and gladly take your money and time, again.

Why is everybody’s guarantee so full of conditions and short?

Most companies rely on a “ONE SIZE FITS ALL” approach for the treatment of bedbugs. The technician hasn’t been trained to make any decisions about the best way to treat your particular situation, and the the customer has not learned anything from the technician that will empower him to partner in the bed bug elimination strategy. Additionally some companies are still using ineffective products, and most haven’t really invested the time to understand the nature of the Bed Bug and to consistently eradicate it. Therefore they offer a very short warranty, with conditions.

With heat treatments and fumigation you end up with even more preparation and cost. With heat treatment, there are numerous items that can be damaged by heat and will need to be removed from the home. This includes: pets, fish tanks, plants, laminated furniture, electronics, flammables, cosmetics, etc. etc. Any experienced heat company will also require you to sign a damage waiver. With fumigation you will need to be out of the home for 2 nights and 3 days, and every living thing must be removed. There is no residual value to heat or fumigation, so if a company is to offer a warranty, they will need to followup with a pesticide treatment. Since there is no practiced strategy, they put the home at risk of re-infestation. Sadly, most companies do not warranty you from any re-infestation that they think you created. This causes many customers to pay multiple times to rid their lives of Bed Bugs.

Our Solution was developed to provide a One Year Unconditional Warranty, and long term success.

Our solution is quite simple. A member of our Rest Assured Bed Bug Team makes a full evaluation of your home, living and sleeping situation and responds with a comprehensive plan for complete, long lasting extermination. Our proven methodology is combined with quality products that work, last long enough to eradicate Bed Bugs from your home, and keep it protected from future exposures. During the service we will teach you how this pest feeds, travels, develops, and the simple steps you can take to make sure the Bed Bugs are history in your home. We are so confident of our proven solution, that we include an Unconditional 1 Year Guaranty for most situations, and have unconditional lifetime warranties available…

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"Rest Assured Pest Control was professional, focused, and a true problem solver. They arrived at my home, and worked straight through for a solid 8 hours. Along the way, they took the time to educate and be empathetic to our experience. I would recommend their service to anyone who is in need."

- Joyce A.

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